Install Laminate Floors Just like a Professional Tradesman

Calculating Flooring Choices

To calculate just how much flooring to purchase, all you will need to know may be the sq footage from the floor within the room you’re installing the laminate floors in. To find the sq footage multiply the size of the area occasions width. That work well inside a sq room what when the room isn’t square.

For complicated shapes, divide the area into sections according to simple shapes then measure each individually, write your calculations on the piece of paper, and add them up. Add 10 % for waste while installing and to possess a couple of planks remaining for future repairs.

Create a list associated with a new trim pieces also keep in mind transition strips if you want them in which the flooring differs.

Tools you’ll need

Pry Bar

Carpenter’s level

Large putty knife

Floor scraper

Belt Sander

Jamb Saw

Miter saw

Circular Saw or Saw

Jig Saw



Plastic Putty Knife


Utility Knife

Phillips-mind screwdriver

Coping Saw


Combination Square

Nail Set

Claw Hammer

Caulking Gun

Power Miter

Installing your Laminated Floor

There are just two fundamental kinds of laminate floors: square or rectangular tiles, that are usually designed to simulate stone or porcelain tile, and plank flooring, which resembles wood. The person planks or tiles have tongue-and-groove edges which are simply clicked together. The greatest distinction between laminate floors and traditional flooring choices is the fact that laminate floors isn’t attached towards the subflooring and permitted to “float” on the layer of underlayment. Quarter-inch expansion gaps in the edges from the floor let it expand and hire periodic alterations in humidity and temperature.

Typically, cellular phone instructions provided by manufacturers are very good — t. However they omit many of the methods from the trade which make the web site substandard installation along with a really professional job.

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