The Aspect of Aircon Servicing in Long term

Today, every child knows what the air conditioner or refrigerator looks like. But how much of the freon, which this device works, looks like it. And even more, a simple consumer is certainly not aware that air conditioning without freons is like a fuel-free car.

Freon in English means “cold”. It was invented in 1922 and accompanies the life of an ordinary person for more than 90 years. Freons are substances that are safe for people who do not burn, lack color and smell, and do not emit dangerous toxins. From a chemical point of view, it is an inert mixture of methane and ethane, within which hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine and fluorine atoms. For the aircon servicing this is the best deal now.

What role does Freon play in the air conditioner?

In the freon of climatic equipment used as a coolant. They produce separate fuel systems. Its main function is the absorption of heat during evaporation and release during condensation. Thus, at the time of returning to the air conditioner, the freon begins to disappear actively in the interior unit, absorbing heat from the room, and cooling the air into it. Then it goes to the exterior heat exchanger, throwing the heat released during the condensation process on the road.

Types of freon

Today, more than 40 types of freon are known. Some of them are environmentally hazardous, for example Freons R-12, R-22 and R-134a, which can destroy the Earth’s ozone layer. That is why a ban was imposed on them and in modern air conditioners they began to use only certain types of freons:

Freon R-410A is an energy efficient substance with a high cooling capacity. However, its important barrier is the expensive cost of the air conditioner itself.

Freon R-407 – one of the most popular types of freon, which is considered an alternative to the freon R-22. Today it is widely used in many air conditioning systems, industrial and multi-zone. However, unlike the R-410A, when it flows, uneven evaporation occurs. The light components disappear faster, which changes the composition and properties of the remaining freon on the device. Therefore, air conditioner fuel becomes impossible. The freon residues are cleaned and used and only then the device is fully refilled.

Freon in the air conditioner is very important. Moreover, this is its main element. Therefore, it is worth checking the freon level regularly and with a significant drop at its level, immediately contact the service center that performs the maintenance of the cooling unit.

Used as working substance – cooling in refrigeration

  • Used in extinguishing fire in hazardous environments (eg power plants, ships, etc.)
  • Freon Freon or Freon Modern, as well as many epoxy resins are absolutely safe from the standpoint of ecology, so they can be used in various fields and industries.
  • Currently, freon and freon are used as gas dielectric, a defect agent in chalk, propellant and pointer production when testing systems tightness.
  • In addition, freon is used in gas extinguishing systems. To extinguish the gas fire, the freon is good in that its properties make it easy to displace the necessary oxygen from the buildings.
  • The newest gas discharge installations have a number of advantages over the use of water, foam, aerosols or their dust counterparts.

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