The Smartest Option for the Perfect Air Conditioning Repair

Over the last dozen or so months, the prices of Air conditionings have stimulated not-so-wise creativity that reduces the cost of filling the air-conditioning system. Combiners filling the air-conditioning system with what they fall into – is no longer a unit phenomenon.

New gas for air conditioning, analysis of Air conditioning quality Propane-butane, isopropane, isobutane and other wonderful and cheap gas mixtures replacing a are also not isolated cases. The effects of using the above gases are often visible in the system’s work after connecting the pressure gauges the system goes crazy, strange pressure and temperature? It can be a warning light. For the LK Brothers Aircon service this is the best deal.

Certainly, it becomes a serious problem for air conditioning services using proper and clean factors (R134a), it can even lead to damage to the service machine. Another matter is the recovery of the factor of unknown origin from the car and practically the loss of the entire factor in the machine’s tank. The possible loss of even 1000 zlotys and more is very painful. The costs of repairing the service machine can be even more noticeable, especially in the season – an unserviceable machine is not only the cost of repair, but also measurable losses for a service that is not working. 

Insteadof is another problem

You run a service, support systems with “new and old gas”, and finally buy  even more expensive than – have you not met with interchangeably “old gas” systems? If you found such information under the hood of the vehicle, just thank the previous service technician, but what if you do not? What gas will you have in your service machine up to after such a customer? 

The purity of the factor you buy is also a good reason, let’s face it, it’s also different in this matter. That is 12kg in the bottle, which you can pay for easily (using the weight). How do you check the contents of the cylinder? 

What to choose, what to follow? 

New gas for air conditioning, purity of cooling gas 

The price of the analyzers is not the lowest, the simplest analyzer is 4-5 thousand PLN, the higher-end analyzer is already an expenditure of 10-12 thousand PLN. It is not a small cost, so look carefully at what you spend a lot of money.

Analyzers available on the market are practically a few products, most often these are the company’s devices how to check the cleanliness of gas in air conditioning, tools for car air conditioning Neutronics, branded by various distributors. Externally they differ in “label”, but the main difference is the types of factors analyzed. When selecting the analyzer model, check the scope of the examined factors. The most common are gas combinations and, but often also and other Air conditionings (R12, R, R408A, R417A, R421A, R421B, R422A, R422B, R422C, R427A), or only one Air conditioning analysis – or . Looking from the car air conditioning service the best option is the analyzer combining the analysis of the two most important gases: and . As a rule, in addition to the factor being tested, they show the percentage of air and moisture content and other HFC gases.

The analyzers are different and the same? For the most part, it is the tools of one manufacturer, Neutronics from the USA dominates the market.

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