How Soon Should You Hire Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Pros

Fire accidents can happen at the most unexpected time and place. And whether it’s your home, business, or workplace that gets affected, what’s important is that you get help from the appropriate people — like firefighters and experts in fire damage restoration, Baltimore, Maryland — to help you survive and recover from the unfortunate event.

There’s no question how urgent it is to call for the nearest fire bureau when a fire breaks out in your area. They are the front liners in suppressing the fire and preventing it from damaging all of your belongings and the surrounding properties.

The question is — how soon should you hire fire damage restoration pros? The straight answer is, as soon as possible. After the fire dies down, you’ll be left with the herculean task of cleaning up the mess it has created. So one of the first things you have to accomplish is the restoration process. You have to get rid of the ashes, restore whatever can still be restored, and ensure that the area is already health hazard-free. You have to tap experts to make things more efficient and help you return to your daily routine in the fastest way possible.

What to Expect When Hiring Restoration Experts

Restoration pros are efficient in their work as they have the knowledge and equipment to complete the restoration process. If you’re hiring one, you need to keep in mind that no credible contractor can give you an estimate or a quote over a simple phone call. They should inspect the site first.

According to experts in fire damage restoration, Baltimore, Maryland, the first thing they do during the area evaluation is to locate the fire source. From that, they develop a plan on how to clean the area and bring it back to its condition before the fire broke out. They project how much the clean up will be based on several factors, which include the amount and severity of the damage, the number of rooms affected, and the repairs needed.

To give you an idea of how challenging their job can be, below we’ve listed the types of clean-up they do after a fire emergency:

Water damage cleanup. As firefighters use water to get rid of the fire, one of the biggest damages that need to be repaired is water damage. Addressing this damage properly will help prevent mold growth.

Burnt materials cleanup. Experts in fire damage restoration, Baltimore, Maryland are capable of getting rid of the burnt items that can’t be restored anymore.

Soot removal. When something organic burns, black powdery or flaky substances called soot can build up on your walls, curtains, and carpets.

Smoke damage cleanup. Apart from soot, smoke from the fire itself can also be absorbed by carpets, drapes, and clothes. Besides the strong odor, they are harmful to your health as well. This is why it’s vital to have them removed by an expert.

Cigarette smoke remediation. In case a fire is caused by cigarette smoke, restoration pros also do smoke remediation to help remove the smell. It involves ozone removal, duct cleaning, furniture cleaning, and indoor painting.

MD Water Restoration is your team of experts that can properly handle fire damage restoration, Baltimore, Maryland. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.


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