A Guide To Adding Exciting Garden Water Features 

Did you know that flowing water is not only a beautiful sight to admire, but its sound is highly relaxing for the mind? And in case you have a small terrace, a patio or a garden then you can go ahead and add water features. It will not only give pleasure to your eyes but also will attract hummingbirds, and small animals, thus making the space eco-friendlier.

 Experts believe that to add garden water features in Sydney is among the well-known trends currently. The good thing is that water features can be added even in a small space, you will need to have some vessel or bowl. 

You may need an outlet nearby; a small pump can be used to circulate the water. On the other hand, you can also have a still water feature with some aquatic plants and goldfish so that mosquitoes can stay at bay.

Let us now explore how you can add some spice to your life with some of the most interesting garden water feature ideas.

Interesting garden water feature ideas

Small garden feature ideas: 

You can place a small water-vessel or bowl in your garden area in one corner or on a tabletop to make even a small place look exciting. 

However, whenever you plan to implement such garden water features in Sydney ensure that you get the bowl or vessel from a good store. This is because in such cases, the kind of vessel that you use for the water flow will make a huge difference. 

Wall-mounted garden water feature: 

When you have limited or narrow space, you can opt for a wall-mounted water feature wherein the water pours into a trough or rectangular container. There are several designs of wall-mounted water features from which you can choose the one that matches your fancy and budget.

Fire and ice effect: 

Just imagine if you could create a fire and ice effect in your garden! It is possible if you go a little overboard with your creativity and budget. You can mount a glass behind a fire pit for the water to flow down. 

Believe it or not, it will create an amazing effect. Additionally, if such garden water features are combined with well-designed outdoor pavers in Sydney, the impact will be even more.

Using a stone sculpture for water feature: 

It may so happen that your garden has a piece of unique sculpture, in that case, you are actually lucky. The reason is that with a little bit of innovation, you can convert the sculpture into a water feature that becomes an attractive feature of the garden.

Use of two stacked vessels: 

To use two stacked vessels is one of the most interesting garden water feature idea. In such an arrangement, water flows from one vessel to the other, and it becomes a great place for the birds to assemble. 

However, when you implement this idea, try to use vessels that have an earthy tone. It will add to the natural effect of your garden.

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