How To Take Advantage Of The Small Spaces In Your Home?

When a house does not have enough space, nor does it meet the habitability conditions, then it is necessary to explore new creative resources that, applied to interior design, raise the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Home remodeling is always considered a challenge for interior designers since they have the possibility of creating innovative design proposals that allow for a sober environment with a much broader perception.

The perception of space in Ciela Charan 13 station depends both on size and shape and finishes, but also on functionality, and above all, on the energy that comes from good design. These are some tips that we offer you so you can take advantage of the small spaces in your home:

  1. Correct Spatial Sizing

In contrast to traditional architecture, the open plan style proposes functional distribution schemes that integrate joint or individual activities. Frequently used spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room and living room, have become a trend in home remodeling projects due to the versatility of their designs and functions.

However, the handling of light, modular and flexible elements provides privacy in the management of these spaces in a discretionary manner, which generates highly comfortable environments.

  1. Use Of The Dimension At Height

When, fortunately, there is a space whose vertical dimension is greater, the use of the third dimension with furniture allows the creation of mezzanines or mezzanines of different height levels, which generate additional flexibility in the remodeling of houses.

This is an architectural trend that seeks to take advantage of the small spaces in your home to the maximum when the availability of the area is minimal.

  1. Implement Custom Furniture

Custom design is the best solution to take advantage of small spaces in your home and to achieve better integration of furniture in the space, especially if it has a more complex geometry such as sloping roofs, setbacks or sharp corners.

In addition to proposing functional and highly efficient schemes, a high degree of creativity is required to generate sophisticated designs, which adhere to the budget and the feasibility established for the remodeling.

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