How to arrange your small bathroom efficiently?

Many of us have a small bathroom, often lacking in storage and style. In our opinion, this piece is dedicated to improving our daily lives, from rushed mornings to relaxing evening baths.

How to arrange your small bathroom efficiently for a maximum of look and above all, an optimized functional aspect? Here are some Bathroom Installation Darwin layout ideas that will help you get the most out of your small bathroom.

1. Reinvent the bath-shower duo:

With this arrangement, we are reinventing the name bath-shower, this time putting the bath next to the shower. The same materials are used on the floor and on the podium to unify the area. The glass screen here is more than just a “splash guard” panel, as it also acts as a psychological divide so that the shower takes center stage in the room.

Also, the group of mirror doors offers lots of storage for our little cream jars, in addition to enlarging the bright room.

2. Add storage to the side of the bath:

Arranging a shower under an attic is no easy task. Since the height of the showerhead is important, we will sometimes have to cheat its positioning by affixing it to the sidewall.

Again, the use of the glass screen will emphasize the whole place, without dividing it too much. In this example, the decorative and storage niches are used to their full potential.

3. Use a single material for an effect of size:

In the Bathroom Installation Darwin, a single ceramic dominates to give the effect of a huge shower. Used on all vertical levels, the material brings an effect of grandeur to the room. In addition, the glass screen and its door divide, without invading the place.

4. Nest the elements:

To maximize the space of this bathroom, using the flooring all the way to the tub is a great shame, giving the impression of increasing the floor space.

Note, also the vanity unit that extends above the bath to the wall, to maximize storage space. The wall-mounted faucet will also provide more space around the bath and sink.

5. Decorate and organize at the same time:

When we rethink the layout of a Bathroom Installation Darwin, we realize that it is possible to combine the useful with the pleasant. This example shows that space has been provided behind the toilet to leave room for practical storage and a nice look.

In this type of Bathroom Installation Darwin, we will avoid the shelves above our head and the effect of heaviness that they can create.

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