How To Use A Sanitizing Floor Mat

The sanitizing floor mat or footbath is a vinyl mat where you can pour an antibacterial or “sanitizing” solution so you can sanitize the soles of the shoes.

The first step is preparing the antibacterial solution; in 1 liter of water, mix 3 tablespoons of bleach or bleach of good origin. Then simply pour about half a liter of this solution on the doormat or carpet enough that the same becomes wet. Pass the shoes on the rug as you usually do on a doormat. To dry the sole, wipe the shoe with a dry cloth or a rug.

See How Simple It Is?

This helps a lot in reducing the proliferation of bacteria or microorganisms that are present on the soles of shoes. In times of pandemic, having a vinyl footbath sanitizing mat on the doorstep of your home or business creates a real protective barrier for your family, friends, and customers.

Infect ologists and other specialists in eliminating and reducing bacteria and microorganisms suggest creating a safe area right at the entrance of your house. In addition to using a vinyl footbath sanitizing mat, you can add a hook on the wall to hang clothes and coats that can bring unwanted microorganisms into your home.

It also recommended a small table or sideboard equipped with the alcohol gel, a small garbage can, tissue, plastic bags to put your protective mask on, and a “spray” type container with the sanitizing solution taught earlier in this text. You can use the same solution to disinfect shopping bags, purses, wallets, spray on the top of shoes, wheels on children’s backpacks, keys, and anything else you think is necessary.

Covid-19, for example, is transmitted through a virus that has a lipid envelope in its molecular structure; the good news is that in contact with a sanitizing solution, this virus is eliminated. That’s why the mat sanitizing vinyl footbath soaked with a disinfectant solution at the door of your home or workplace becomes a powerful ally in the fight against allergies and viral diseases.

In addition, the footbath sanitizing vinyl mat is washable, durable, flame-retardant, and can be customized in different colors.

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