5 Tips To Maintain Your Roof

Roof leaks are annoying and stressful. When you have a leaking roof, many things in the house may get destroyed, right from your home appliances to the beautiful furniture layout in your house. If it’s the first time installing a roof on your house, ensure to consult roofing experts such as¬†IKO roofing¬†specialists. Also, instead of waiting till your roof leaks, here are some tips you can use to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt Shingle Roof - XLR8 Roofing &  Construction

Check Your Shingles

Roof leaks may arise due to broken or missing shingles. Shingles may break due to heavy snowfalls or branches breaking from trees and falling on the roof. Ensure to check out the condition of your shingles regularly. Roofing professionals can help you check for any leaks and provide any vital information you might be missing. They may even recommend upgrading to a products like IKO Shingles to further protect your home.

Check The Gutters

Your roof drainage pipes and gutters play a significant role in keeping your roof leak-free. The worst-case scenario for roof leaks is a gutter blockage. It may cause damage from the roof to the basement. Ensure to check for any blockages in the gutters at least once a month.

Schedule For A Roof Inspection

A roof inspector checks the roof’s condition from the state of the shingles, the ceiling, and the water gutters. The professional will help you determine the kind of repairs you need if there are any. Also, roof inspectors have comprehensive experience in house roofing and can advise you on a better roof maintenance schedule.

Remove Snow From The Rooftops

High amounts of snowflakes may result in severe damage to the roof, or worse, cause a roof collapse. Ensure to reduce the flake accumulation on the top with a shovel. Also, ensure to wear the proper attire when climbing a frozen roof because the roof is skiddy. You can also opt to call for a specialist snow remover for your roof.

Insulate The Roof

Spray roof insulation involves the inner side of the roof being sprayed with a latex spay that helps seal any holes or spaces that may result in leaks in the roof. Such insulators prevent the ceiling from water damage. Other roof insulation methods include rigid board insulators, loose-fill insulators, and batt insulators. Choose an insulation method that suits your house best. 

Keeping your roof intact will require proper maintenance. Remember to insulate your roof with the correct material. You should note that having a roof inspection once in a while will save you unnecessary costs on roof repairs. Occasionally, check your shingle and water gutters to ensure minimal to no roof leaks.

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