Advantages Of Living In Condominiums

Before choosing not to live in condominiums, it is essential to know some advantages of this type of housing, read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai):

1 – More Security

This is one factor that weighs the most when choosing whether or not to live in condos. In these environments, the integrity of the residents is what matters most and makes everyone appreciate the security they offer. Condominium management companies invest in essential devices, such as:

  • Electric fence on the walls
  • 24-hour concierge
  • Professional security
  • cameras
  • Monitoring systems
  • alarms

All this is included in the condominium fee, divided among all residents, eliminating the need to hire personal security services.

2 – Good Leisure Spaces

Condos always offer some leisure areas, both collective and individual. These spaces bring comfort, convenience, and more quality of life. In the past, some more common options were the playground and the barbecue, but the infrastructure of these spaces has evolved a lot. Today they have options that encourage health and social coexistence, such as:

  • saunas
  • Pools
  • Sports facilities
  • Party room
  • Gym

These areas encourage the practice of sports and leisure in society. It is even more beneficial for children as they can build friendships and learn a lot from it.

3 – Social Events And Community Life

Tenants have a stronger sense of community than people who do not live-in condominiums. This is because it is common for these places to organize social events in addition to leisure spaces. Examples of this are parties organized by an administrator of residential condominiums, such as carnival, Festa and Halloween.

Families with children can share experiences and stronger bonds of friendship, and children can experience an even greater sense of freedom.

4 – Closer Approach To Nature

It is very common for condominiums to preserve or invest in the construction of green areas, which provide walking and physical activities in the open air. Some condominiums even offer individual spaces that encourage this practice for those who have the habit of cultivating plants and gardens. Therefore, those who prioritize food quality for the family can find the condominiums the perfect opportunity to grow their food. Those who have pets can provide pets with even better spaces to feel more accessible and spend energy.

Fast Valuation Of Real Estate

Due to services such as maintenance of water pumps and others, properties in closed condominiums appreciate much faster. That’s because they have properly planned infrastructure and all the security service that adds even more value to houses and apartments. Therefore, buying a property in a gated community also represents an excellent investment.

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