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Benahavis Properties for Sale is a company looking to purchase and redevelop Benahavis Properties. The goal of the company is to provide quality housing for the community, both currently and in the future. Benahavis Properties was built in 1949, and it has been in our family for over 30 years. We are excited to offer this opportunity to purchase and develop this property into a quality home that will provide affordable living for all.

Benahavis Properties For Sale

Benahavis Properties is a real estate company that specializes in selling vacation rentals and residential properties. The company has properties in both the United States and Europe.

The properties at Benahavis Properties are subdivided into three types: beachfront, mountain, and city center. These types of properties offer different amenities and prices depending on the location.

The beachfront type of property offers views of the ocean or any body of water from their home. The mountain type of property is located in a mountainous area with access to hiking, biking, and skiing trails. The city-center type of property offers a mix of urban and rural surroundings with easy access to shopping and restaurants.

The prices for properties for sale benahavis vary depending on the location, but they range from $200-$2,000 per night.

One important thing to keep in mind when looking at Benahavis Properties is that they are not just for vacationers; they can also be used as housing during business trips or family vacations.

What Is The Price Of A House

The price of a house depends on many factors such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and age of the property. For example, a house that has been updated may cost more than one that has not been touched in years. Additionally, some houses come with amenities that are not available on other properties such as pool access or private parking spaces. Be sure to ask about these features when looking for a property!

What Is The Price Of A Condo

Condos typically sell for much more than park units and houses because they provide larger living spaces and often include more amenities (such as kitchens and baths). Prices also vary based on location – for example, if you want to buy a condo in the city but don’t want to live near an airport, you’ll likely pay more than if you purchase a park unit nearby. Be sure to ask about amenities when inspecting properties!

What Is The Price Of A Mansion

Mansion Properties generally sell for much more than condos because they come with exclusive access to luxurious amenities like pools, gymnasiums, theaters, and outdoor tennis courts). Additionally, many Mansions include underground parking options or have valet services available which can make your stay even easier money-wise! Be sure to inquire about features and pricing when inspecting properties!


With plenty of amenities and price ranges to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect Benahavis Property for your needs. It’s important to research the market before making a purchase, find a good real estate agent, and get pre-owned properties before you hit the market. 

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