Signs That Your Home Security Is Not Working Properly

We are all aware of the many benefits of a good security system. It protects us from intruders and lowers the crime rate. But for it to function properly it requires routine maintenance to work as efficiently as possible. In this blog, locksmith scarborough discusses the signs that your security system is malfunctioning and you may need repairs or an upgrade.

System failure

A system failure is the most obvious sign your security system is not working. If your security system is turned on and threats go unnoticed it may mean a faulty component or system. You can proactively check your system for system failure. Before you do, ensure you call your security system and ask them to put your system in testing mode. You can ask the company if they received any signals during the test. If the test results were negative or inconclusive, schedule a maintenance appointment immediately.

False alarms

Your home security system may not be operating properly if you frequently get false alarms. This could happen for several reasons, such as:

  • Wiring or circuitry damage.
  • Low battery capacity or a weak power source
  • User inexperience or human error.

False alarms are a drain on precious emergency resources. Regular maintenance will keep your system in good working order and prevent false alerts. Passcodes and system software updates are part of this. If you’ve had several false alerts, get in touch with your security provider and ask them to check the system’s performance.

Constant Beeping

Do you constantly hear beeps throughout your house? If so, there might be a problem with your security system. Home security systems that beep indicate maintenance is required. Try these things:

  • Time to buy new batteries and replace the old ones.
  • Before clicking the status button on your keypad, reset your system.
  • Examining the wires for rust with a voltmeter.

If the steps mentioned above are unsuccessful, get in touch with your security provider. Several vendors can troubleshoot over the phone with you or dispatch a technician to determine the issue.

Common causes for failure

Periodic maintenance of your security system minimizes the risk of breakdown. Common reasons for failure include

  • The system is getting older – As systems get older they tend to malfunction. Sometimes it is not possible to repair the equipment. New systems use more advanced technology and provide better security.
  • Improper maintenance – You can ask your vendor to assess the system and carry out periodic maintenance work.
  • Damaged cable and old batteries = old or discharged batteries and wires that have bent are common causes of failure.


We have underlined signs that your security system requires some maintenance. With some care, like periodic maintenance with your security vendor, you can ensure your security system continues to perform.

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