Seven Golden Rules for A Quick Renovation of Your Home

In principle, there are two types of transformations or renovations. There is the annual wear that must be regularly taken care of like getting a new roof, renew electricity or replace the hot water tank. These are essential renovations.

On the other hand, there are renovations performed to beautify and increase the value of a home. You have lived there for a few years and you feel it is time to do some beautification work. It is also interesting to consider relevant transformations that increase the value of the home.

A transformation, be it the repair of the annual wear or the work of embellishment, is never really pleasant. That’s why it’s important to write a plan in advance, which allows you to follow the construction step by step. Here are the seven golden rules to facilitate the renovation work of your home.

#1: Gather as much information as you can

Before starting the adventure, gather information. Buy home improvement magazines or interior books: you never have enough ideas. That’s why you can also hire an interior specialist or renovation professionals to help you find the best renovation you want.

#2: Look for inspiration on the internet

The internet contains treasures of information and renovation tips. Also, there are contact information of contractors and construction companies that can help you put the perfect touch to your home renovation.

#3: Are structural works really necessary?

Think carefully about whether it is really necessary to do demolition work or if a few decorative adaptations are enough. If you want structural changes, you need an architect. On the other hand, for the execution of non-structural works, such as the demolition of a non-bearing wall, no architect is needed. An architect is almost always required for a transformation. From the moment you change the facade, or structurally adapt the house, you need to hire an architect.

#4: Make a financial estimate

It is essential to check your financial situation. What is your budget, can you exceed it (i.e. what are your reserves) and where else will this money come from? It is essential to establish a financial estimate. Note which room you would like to renovate, find out about prices and decide on the budget. It is also important to provide a small margin. 

#5: Compare the offers of different entrepreneurs

Never decide which entrepreneur you want to hire right away. You do not have to ask for a lot of different offers. Rely on the offers of four or five different entrepreneurs. There are two essential things to consider: how close is it (low transportation costs) and what are its references?

#6: Check what you can do yourself

A helping hand can make a difference. Try to do your best yourself or have your family come to help you. Work will progress faster and save you money. However, you must examine this financial advantage. You have to take into account that professional contractors pay 6% on the equipment. If you buy this material yourself, you will pay 21% VAT. It is, therefore, better to get your hands dirty if you do not need a lot of equipment for demolition work. By cons, for the installation of a bathroom, for example, it is better to hire a contractor. You can check out Renovco bathroom renovation.

#7: Always agree on an end date

If you hire a contractor and its professionals, you must always agree on an end date, which is mandatory in the contract. Do not be fooled and stay alert. You can also include late clauses in the contract.

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