How to Pick Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Brisbane plantation shutters add a nice touch to any home’s design. They add an additional layer of privacy and protects the glass in the window. They come in a variety of designs, makes and materials. If you’re looking for exterior blinds for your home, this guide should help you find the right one for your needs.

Operable or non-operable?

Non-operable exterior blinds are used purely for decorative and, sometimes, safety purposes. Whilst they will protect your window’s glass, they’re more highly regarded for their aesthetics. You will not be able to open or close these types of blinds.

On the other hand, operable exterior blinds are more functional. They also add to the aesthetic of your home, whilst guarding your window’s glass. You can freely open and close these blinds, depending on what level of privacy you need.

What’s your style?

Outdoor plantation shutters come in a variety of styles, each with each own purpose. A few examples are:

  1. Louvered – This type of outdoor blind is the best for keeping out the rain. Traditional models are designed to protect homes from rain when they’re closed. Most designs today will keep out the rain, even if they’re left open.
  2. Solid or Raised – As the name suggests, each frame is fitted with individual panels. The number of panels will vary depending on the design.
  3. Bermuda – Bermuda blinds are also known as Bahama blinds. They’re ideal for tropical or hot weather, as it gives additional shade from the sun.
  4. Barn-Style – These windows slide from one side to another, much like barn doors. They provide a rustic, cosy feel to the home.

Size is everything

Don’t underestimate the importance of size. Incorrectly sized exterior blinds could prove to be disastrous! Take measurements carefully to ensure you’re getting properly sized blinds. You could also call a reliable shutters supplier in Brisbane to see which measurements fit your windows best.

Outdoor plantation shutters add a unique design to any home. They also add an extra layer of protection and functionality to the windows.

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