Short Term Rentals: The best way to stay in London

London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. For this reason, life in London can be at times be quite unfair for those who are not prepared. On the bright side, today we are going to talk about short term apartments. Apartments that are fully refurbished and are appropriate for short term purposes. So, read on to discover more about short-term apartments and ways it can help life easier in London.


  1. Short let London is a great way to cut costs. For instance, if you are staying in London for a short period. This is mostly suitable for tourists or international students who don’t reside in London. Also, short term rents are practical when you want to spend less or when you have a fixed budget.
  2. Short term rents are a great way to determine quality service providers. Staying in an apartment for a month or so will help you determine whether the condo is worthwhile or not. Because of this, a client can determine the quality service they are receiving.
  3. Short term apartments are flexible. This gives you the chance to stay and leave at your pleasure as long as the owner agrees. Furthermore, clients have no obligation to staying in a particular place like say for a year. Also, the clients have the rights to stay for as long as they want provided; they abide by the laws of the landlord.
  4. They are furnished. Most short-term apartments come fully furnished; that is they come with furniture among other household commodities. For this reason, most tenants need to worry less about their shopping list as the house will cater to their needs.


  • Are expensive at times especially when they are refurbished.
  • Are not consistent especially for long term purposes.

Frequently asked questions.
Who can use short term rents?
Short let London are accessible to every individual. These usually range from individuals to families to businesses and small organizations. Because of short term rents individuals can ease their stay in a particular region especially if it’s not long term.

Where can I get One?
Numerous online services offer the service at a free cost such as the Draker, find a short let. Furthermore, individuals don’t have to be around at the time of booking. Also, these sites have a high rate of testimonials and are licensed thus providing a guarantee for quality deliverance.

How are payments made?
Payments are made depending on a contract basis. To make the contract valid, individuals ought to pay for the apartment when they get to see them. For booking purposes, payment must be made and recorded to make money easy to recover or reclaim in case things go haywire

In a nutshell, short term apartments are a great way to start life in London. This is majorly credited to the fact that most are refurbished. However, clients ought to thoroughly screen their Landlords and the apartments themselves to avoid being corned. You can also visit the tenant-client law to know your rights

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