Popular Places to Stay in London for a Short Break

London is a very versatile capital city which is ideal for visiting on long weekend getaways or short breaks. From sightseeing adventures through cultural highlights, serious retail therapy and foodie excursions, London has something to suit just about anyone and all budgets. If you’re visiting for a short break, location is everything as you want to experience the city life in its full. Here are the most popular and rewarding places to stay in London on a short break in 2019.

1. East London
A former “it” area with a reputation for hipsters, East London has changed beyond belief over the past few decades. It still retains much of its cool charm and visitors looking for alternative short breaks in London will do well here. From Shoreditch to Hackney, the area offers a plenitude of food, drink and markets, including the bustling Columbia Road Flower Market. This is an ideal location to find cheaper London short-lets, with some the capital’s iconic attractions close by, including the Tower of London, Whitechapel Gallery, the V&A Museum of Childhood. This is one of the more lively, quirky and wholesome parts of London.

2. Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell is a picturesque section of London with charming, winding streets which harken back to Dickens. With the lively Exmouth Market and a number of famous restaurants like Moro and St. John, this is perhaps the most ideal for those seeking a slower-pace with good pubs, food and Victorian interiors. You’ll also find plenty of modern buildings too, with the city sleeping relatively quietly at night in this area; making for a peaceful night’s sleep.

3. Covent Garden
Covent Garden is a very special area of London, streaming with tourists but also home to some of the city’s most interesting attractions and theatres. This is a perfect location for theatre buffs, with the Royal Opera House being among the best in Europe. What’s more, Covent Garden is a stone’s throw from Bloomsbury, Soho and the Brutish Museum, making it among the most convenient central locations to stay. You can find a wealth of short lets in this area, and others, with drakers.co.uk.

4. Kensington
Kensington’s importance to London is without question. As the site of many of the city’s best and most popular museums. What’s more, the district’s decadent streets, gorgeous period buildings and cultural sights (like the Royal Albert Hall) really build a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Of course, you’ll find plenty of fine bakeries and cafes to break up your tour of the area’s pristine streets, not to mention the plenitude of exclusive shops and restaurants.

5. Shepherd’s Bush
Shepherd’s Bush retains a firm place in the tourist imagination despite being out west. You’re close to the famous Portobello Market, famed historical and cultural establishments and a number of very fine eateries too. Because of the areas fine transport links, you can easily jump across the city if need be. Back at base, however, and you get to experience the charming neighbourhoods which once drew in — and still do — the world’s greatest pop and rock stars.

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