How To Pack For Storage At A Self Storage Facility

Renting out a self-storage unit is easy but packing for ensuring proper storage of the same requires a lot of planning. The aim of proper storage is to maximize utilization of the storage space available while at the same time minimize chances of the stored items getting damaged.

Also without a proper plan in place, the whole idea of storage would become a royal mess. Hence it is very important to follow certain packing tips and tricks so that the job can be done to the best of one’s capabilities. For more information on how to avail self-storage space Check Here.

Inventory creation

Even before packing can be started, it is important to make a list of all the things that are scheduled to go into storage. This serves three very important purposes:

  • It becomes easy to know the extent of damage in case of natural or man-made disasters,
  • It makes insurance claim process easier for any damages incurred while in storage,
  • It makes it easier to recall what object or appliance etc. has been put into which box.

Box packing

Packing is generally done with the main aim of preventing belongings from getting damaged and maximization of space utilization. Hence packing needs to be done in boxes of uniform sizes and total supplies that will be needed are:

  • Moving boxes: These come in many different sizes which can be broadly classified into small sized, medium sized and large 5ply sized boxes. These boxes need to be brand new and sturdy since using boxed which have already been used before tends to:
    • Contaminate the stored things due to the presence of any reminiscent pests, dirt etc.,
    • They become flimsy and soft from use and may thus break when new storage items are put in and
    • They are usually of odd sizes which will make it difficult to utilize the storage space properly.
  • Wraps: Generally shrink wraps and bubble wraps are used to pack fragile items and those possessions which are prone to damage like vases, television, glass utensils etc. While bubble wrap is used to wrap fragile items, shrink wraps are used to cover mirrors furniture etc., to protect them as well as to prevent them from getting scratched and scuffed. In fact shrink wrap can also be used to hold many small boxes together in stacks so as to prevent them from getting lost. Packing paper is used to fill in sides of boxes containing fragile items so that they do not move around and get broken. Foam wrap too performs the same function and prevents fragile items from moving around in boxes and getting damaged.
  • Covers: When such things are furniture and mattresses are stored, it is best to cover them up to prevent them from getting damaged due to pests, dirt, mildew, moulds etc.
  • Miscellaneous items: Other miscellaneous items which are mandatorily needed in ample quantity are:
    • Tapes to seal all the seams and reinforce the bottom seals of boxes,
    • Markers so that boxes can be labeled as per the items present inside,
    • Box cutters so that packing materials can be easily cut to size with the help of these and packing items like the mirror using corrugated cardboard becomes easier.

Tight packing

While packing items inside the boxes, case should be taken to ensure that they are tightly packed and there is no room inside for movement. In case of any space, it needs to be filled with paper packing or foam wraps. This also prevents the items from colliding with each other.

Box labeling

Labeling of boxes into their relevant categories needs to be done using bold and big letters. Labeling should be item specific and care should be taken while packing to put like items together. These labels need to face the door so that they are easily visible. Including a list of items present in the box makes it very easy to know where each item has been placed.

Material placement

Bulky and heavy materials need to be placed at the bottom and always towards the rear of a storage space. This enables lighter items to get placed on them and prevent smaller items from getting damaged.

A little bit of intelligent packing thus helps to store the items in a much more effective way and thus packing should be carried out in a planned manner.

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