Choosing Cabinet Woods? 3 Species You Need To Consider While Selecting the Right One

Kitchen cabinets are necessary to keep all your household items in one place and keep them handy. The RTA kitchen cabinets are a perfect blend of functionality as well as durability. They have also gained their popularity because they can be easily installed and at the same time they can make the kitchen look stylish too. For the RTA kind of cabinets, it is necessary to choose the woods wisely so it has a prolonged life. Don’t always go by the look! Choose a wood type that is of good quality.  After all, the better the wood, the longer lifespan the cabinets will have.

Want to know more about the kind of woods that can be used to make the kitchen cabinets? Read more to learn more.

Cherry Wood

One of the most used among all the wood species is the cherry wood. It has a distinct color which makes it easier for you to identify the variety. You can take your kitchen décor to another level with the help of a classic cherry cabinet and bring in some remarkable changes in the space where you spend your time the most. The appearance of the wood is smooth which brings in the richness and warmth inside the cooking space. Because cherry woods become better with age, people opt for it so that it can be used for a longer period of time. If you want evolution to happen in your cooking space, the cherry wood cabinet is the best option that you can have.

Maple Wood

Want to make your kitchen look bigger and spacious? Maple wood is the best option for your RTA kitchen cabinets. Maple wood is naturally beautiful and that is why it is used to add vintage style to inside your kitchen. They also come in refined grain pattern that easily creates uniformity and gives a sleek look too. Two of the widely used varieties of maple wood best suited for kitchen cabinets are:

  • Glazed Maple
  • Northern Maple

To get the antique look, it is best to use the glazed maple wood. It comes with a burnt sienna finish that can turn your kitchen into a thing of beauty. If you want to make your kitchen look attractive, graceful, and glamorous, then choose the northern maple, without thinking any further.

The kitchen cabinets that are made by maple wood are strong and tough compared to the cabinets that are made with other species of woods. It also works elegantly with any kind of glazes, paints, stains, and finishes.

Walnut Wood

Walnut kitchen cabinets feature a fine, smooth, general, and straight wood grain. The walnut wood can have different shades of color ranging from solid chocolate to reddish gray-brown shade. As the walnut wood tends to mellow with time and the hues of the wood changes, it can give a natural timeless character to your kitchen.

Choosing the Best Wood Types for Painted Cabinets

The paintability and the capacity to take up stain depends wholly upon the quality of the wood. Hence, it is always a great thing to decide upon a wood type that can be painted later on to keep them stain free. Before recoloring, you have to think about theoutcme as well, how the wood reflects the color and how the shading of the wood influences the shade of the stain on the cabinets? There are fewer chances for you to discover any issues with most of the varieties of wood. But you should not compromise while deciding upon the best sorts.. The tight-grain patterned woods must prevail in the decision making. Try to understand the surface of the raw material that you have selected. You can also utilize fillers if required for the cabinets. You might also need to varnish the hitches with shellac to make them tough. Also, don’t forget to use sand over the sharp edges or they might not hold on to the paint.

It is important to find out the best species of woods to make the design of the kitchen cabinets that can be sturdy and long-lasting along with nice finish. Though, if you are opting for the higher quality of the wood for your kitchen cabinets, it is obvious that it will be expensive. But then it is effective and you do not require changing the cabinets very often.

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