How Social Media Influencers are Redefining Real Estate Marketing in Toronto

Social media influencers keep changing traditional ways of doing business. Gone are days of splashing boatloads of money on newspaper ads or doing intensive door-door sales campaigns in the hopes of scoring new clients. Well, these still have a place in the industry but social media is threatening to phase them out.

The Toronto real estate marketing, for instance, has benefitted from social media marketing in more ways than one. From Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, real estate agents have come up with creative ways to market their services. A while ago, buyers would visit such sites like Trulia or use apps like Redfin to view listings. This same information is currently being delivered via social media platforms and their targets seem to love this new way of marketing.

The Real Estate Influencer Evolution

The real estate industry in Toronto is a fierce industry. Competition is tough just to say the least. As an agent, you have to re-invent your marketing strategies on the regular. Social media is big now and the leading marketers have already moved in on the kill. While having an Insta page full of property listings is a great social media marketing strategy, Canadian influencers are going beyond.

Melissa Vale, Douglas Elliman’s agent says she doesn’t just sell real estate, she also blogs and focuses on lifestyle content. Her feed is predominantly characterized by eye-catching lifestyle images but she says these have catapulted her real estate business to greater heights. Melissa says:

The truth of the matter is that social media marketing, in the present age, is more effective than traditional marketing. A majority of real estate target clients are found in social media. To catch their attention, real estate marketing influencers are offering irresistible services, products, content, deals, and other valuable stuff right there on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Like other influencers, Vale has noticed that creating a social community has had a great impact on her business.

The Video Content Trend

The new social media user is more visual than before. He or she wants to see something more than a still picture. This is why real estate influencers in Toronto are throwing videos of property tours on their profiles. One such influencer actually closed an apartment sale through an Instagram video. He simply recorded a video during one of his tours which enhanced the listing’s interiors, arches, and other factory details. He went ahead and posted this on his Insta feed and before long, a customer came knocking on his door, willingly to put down an offer for it.


It is official: social marketing has already changed the face of Toronto real estate marketing. Rather than trusting the local newspaper to gain exposure, real estate influencers have discovered ways of demanding attention from the masses found on social media. Often, they do this with a little creativity. Alongside their usual property listing on social media platforms, these individuals would be keen on giving their target audience other useful content. Video has also exploded in social media and these very agents are already making the most of it to reach as many people as possible.

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