The Cost of Expert CCTV Installation

A closed-circuit television system is a type of self-sustaining surveillance system that consists of recorders, displays, and camera. These robust security systems are often used to monitor different types of activity that may occur on private or public premises. The nature of closed-circuit television systems makes them perfect for bolstering the security around a home, business, or another type of property. For that reason, a variety of individuals and businesses are looking into CCTV installation in order to improve the security quality around their premises. However, one of the top concerns of CCTV installation is the total cost of the entire process.

The costs of CCTV installation today

Today, prospective customers can find closed-circuit television systems in a variety of different forms. There are many CCTVs produced on the market today to service an abundance of needs across public and private properties. The price ranges of the average CCTV system also vary just as widely as the types of security systems available on the market today.

So, what is the average cost of CCTV installation around the country? For most people who own a home, the cost of the usual CCTV installation package averages around $1,350, which includes the cost of the CCTV system.

The variations in the types and the quality of a CCTV system does influence how the price is calculated. For the actual CCTV installation process, the average price range is anywhere between $500 to as much as $2,000 per installation.

Other factors also influence the range of the cost for CCTV installation.

Choosing a wireless or wired CCTV system. Wireless closed-circuit television systems are relatively simple to install due to the wireless nature of the included devices. For example, many wireless CCTV installation cost under $100 per camera since the system can be easily installed in most places around a home or a building.

Wired systems, on the other hand, likely require professional installation from qualified security experts. The inclusion of another party for CCTV installation does influence the price for the installation. A security system contractor will have to install the necessary electronic wiring to have the CCTV system work properly, additional costs will be added to the total bill. In most situations, a wired CCTV system will cost up to $200 per camera and additional labor expenses.

Choosing an internal or external camera system. External cameras in a closed-circuit television system need to be reinforced enough to outlast weather and other outside disturbances. Internal cameras are usually a little less expensive since they do not require extra reinforcement.

Choosing different types of security surveillance. A CCTV system itself works independently of any wireless internet connection, instead of recording and storing the collected footage in a local hard drive. The packages that include this type of storage range from as much as $70 to $350 per camera.

An alternative to CCTV installation is getting an internet protocol or IP security system installed instead. These security systems are usually wireless and connect directly to the internet. For most people, it costs as little as $60 to as much as $300 per camera to install this versatile security system instead of the usual CCTV installation.

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