Tips And Tricks On How To Easily Move Furniture Around

Moving and shifting furniture around the house is exhausting and needs a lot of effort, especially when moving alone and dealing with heavy furniture items. If you plan on doing a home redecoration or rearrangement of your furniture, you should consider planning where to put each item first before shuffling all of them. If you’re moving items from the same room, imagine first what it would look like then you can start moving them around. But if you’re moving items from one room to another, you should outline your plan to make it easier after shuffling your furniture around especially when you hire cheap removalists in Sydney like Bill Removalists Sydney, they should also know your plan. If you’re doing it DIY style, you can try these simple tricks and maneuvers on how to move furniture around.

  1. Carry Couches On The End Side

Carrying a couch or a sofa horizontally down narrow hallways and tight spaces can be tricky. If your couch is not too long or too tall, you can try and carry it vertically. Letting your couch stand on the end side or one of the arm rest’s side makes it easier to fit in doors. If it’s taller than the door, you can slide it in vertically and slightly slanted.

  1. Curve Chairs On Door Edges

Movers often hook chairs around a door frame’s edge to get it in. A trick skilled eastern suburbs removalists Sydney from Bill Removalists Sydney do with large chairs that are similar to the tip mentioned above. They carry the chair on its end side vertically; this makes a resembling top view of the chair to the letter “L.” Then they slip the chair in or out the door with its back facing the door and the front hooked to the door’s edge frame.

  1. Lifting Straps And Shoulder Dolly

Lifting straps are a great help when moving furniture. They lessen the tension in your muscles when lifting and distribute the weight of the item evenly, especially for lifting items that require two persons. The shoulder dolly is one example of the most commonly used lifting straps by movers. This equipment helps take the weight off your back and distributes it to large muscle groups of your body like your torso and shoulders. However, this type of lifting strap is not advisable to use when moving heavy items up and down a staircase.

  1. Mattress Sling

Trying to grab on to a mattress while lifting it is exhausting and hard. Some mattresses have handles, but they’re not advisable to use for carrying, they were made to help move the mattress when it’s placed on the bed frame. You can make a DIY mattress sling, use a rope and a short PVC pipe, tie the rope ends on the PVC pipe to give you a handle and place the mattress

in the middle of the rope. This can help you carry your mattress easier.

  1. Always Protect Furniture

Never forget to protect your furniture with bubble wraps, blanket, plastic, etc. Of course, don’t forget your flooring. Sliding furniture on the floor can cause scratches.

  1. Disassemble What You Can

Disassembling the footing or your sofa or chair can give you a few extra inches to fit it in through a door frame. If you can’t fit it in, disassemble it outside and assemble it again inside. You can take off knobs, footings, disassemble shelves, drawers, etc.

  1. Remove Door Molding

When you’ve disassembled it, and it still won’t fit in, consider removing the door. But if it still won’t fit in removing your door molding would be your last resort.

Final Word

There a lot more tricks and tips on moving furniture around, in or out of the house. You have to think outside the box and be more resourceful.

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