All You Need to Know About Concrete Waterproofing A Construction

The durability and strength of concrete make it a vital structural material. But the porous nature of this material allows it to absorb soluble salts and water and the impact can be destructive. Additionally, when steel reinforcement is embedded in concrete to enhance its strength, the absorbed salt results in corrosion issues in the steel.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the concrete from different environmental factors to preserve its function over time. The most typical solution to this issue is to apply the best concrete waterproofing sealer to the existing or new concrete surface.

 why Waterproofing Is Necessary:

 Humidity and moisture are aware of the ways to find the way and seep into the interiors of the construction by causing severe damage. Therefore, it is important to waterproof the buildings as soon as the construction is over to protect these from all types of damages. Not waterproofing a construction can often result in the development of cracks. Therefore, the construction experiences the growth of moulds and mildew, peeling of paint, and the growth of air contaminants.

Apart from causing a great risk for the foundation and structure of the building, improper waterproofing also causes different types of health issues for the inhabitants. Besides, humidity and moisture develop a musty smell in the building that increases gradually while making it tough for the inhabitants to stay in the building.

But waterproofing the concrete by using the best concrete waterproofing sealer can help to deal with these issues. Concrete waterproofing is nothing but applying a suitable concrete waterproofing system on the surface of the concrete to build up a breathable barrier that can keep the concrete watertight.

Guide To Applying Concrete Waterproofing:

Concrete waterproofing can be applied to almost any type of concrete surface. For instance, you can apply the waterproofing solution on the residential ground floor patios, shopping centre parking bays, food stations, warehouse interior floors, etc.

So, in case you are planning to get the concrete walls or floors of your home waterproofed, then consider using the best concrete waterproofing sealer. These sealers will bring out the original beauty of the concrete by enhancing the appearance. And this process also makes it easy to clean concrete.

Here is how waterproofing can be applied in concrete:

  1. To start the process, remove all the stains, oil, dust, and dirt from the concrete surface by using a steel wire brush.
  2. Then strip off the existing sealer from the surface if any
  3. After that, roughen the concrete by using an etching solution. This is important as waterproofing coatings don’t stick to the smooth concrete surfaces.
  4. Next, apply a thin layer of concrete waterproofing with the help of a sprayer or industrial roller
  5. Apply the second coat of waterproofing solution once the first layer dries out. You must apply the second coat in the reverse direction.
  6. Allow the sealer to dry completely before exposing the surface to traffic. It is better to seal the area for a few days to ensure getting the best results.
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