The floors in your sweet abode might be made up of wood, tile, carpets or vinyl. There are plenty of options available and the decision might be hard to take. The ancient trends are still hot today in different regions of the world. But the history behind house floorings might be quite interesting.

Tracking behind to five thousand years ago.

The home 5000 years ago, had just a patch of ground as a form of flooring. This remains as a practice in many regions of Africa where the warm weather quite calls for it. It might be surprising to know that dirt is good and inexpensive. Straw, hay and cow dung are also used on the floors where they are fixed as people walk over it.

In the middle age Europe, animals were kept inside the house along with the residents in separate rooms in the peasant community. The mint was used as a deodorizer and was strewn into the floors to cover the smell of litter and animal waste products. As people stepped on the mint strewn floors the smell spread creating a refreshing disinfected environment.

The stone and wood come into the picture in medieval Rome and ancient Egypt

Egypt were the investors of stone constructions after which the floor surfaces were seen to be used a form of flooring. Some different patterns and floorings added to the beauty of respective homes

Wooden planks were used across the floors which were there smoothed by rubbing with metals.

The wool didn’t escape stamping either

Siberians made the rugs called the park carpet. China then took the lead in sung dynasty. And the Asian countries still are master flooring makers such as Thailand. The price ranges voraciously. You must check out the 2×2 mm vinyl tile flooring price[ราคากระเบื้องยางหนา 2 มม, which is the term in thai]. They are great and quite popular these days.

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