Make your choice between Retro or vintage

On many occasions we use the terms retro and vintage as synonyms and to refer to an aesthetic, whether in decoration or fashion, which evokes the old. But while at first glance they could be similar there is a very important element that makes them completely different, do you know what it is?

What distinguishes an object or a vintage garment from a retro is time. Yes, yes, how do you hear it! A vintage piece is any that has been manufactured before the ’90s, although the most popular are those dating between the’ 20s and ’70s. A retro piece, however, is inspired by the aesthetics of those years and has its air or influence, but has been manufactured more recently. For example, if you keep an American-style refrigerator from your grandmother’s 50s, you can say you have a vintage fridge. However, if you buy a new fridge that has the same air you will have a retro one.

The word vintage comes from English, although it derives from a French term (vendage), which means harvest and which was originally used to designate wines that stand out for their quality. Today it is considered that well-preserved vintage pieces have been revalued over the years and therefore have improved, like good wines, although they cannot yet be considered antiques.

If you want a vintage air decoration (either with really vintage or retro furniture), you don’t have to make big changes because with small details you can make a big difference. For example, you can retrieve household items from your grandparents, such as crockery, antique clocks, armchairs, telephones … You can also find them in “Persian fairs.” Vintage has some much designs in whatever they do, the don’t run out designs, vintage chairs(เก้าอี้ วิน เท which is the term in Thai)  are mostly purchased because of it’s amazing design.

 If you do not feel like restoring, you do not have the possibility to find these types of objects or you are simply not the ones who enjoy the old but you still like the wave you can always choose something more retro. You can dare with strong colors and wall papers with geometry.

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