Accessories for your modular wardrobe: A quick guide!

A modular wardrobe is a great way to maximize storage and functionality of your bedroom, and there are endless designs, styles and concepts to choose from. Beyond the closed cabinets and open shelves, you can also consider other accessories and components for your modular wardrobe. Before you look for wardrobes design ideas, here are some of the accessories that you must consider.

Simple pullout drawers

If you want to cleanly fold your clothes and keep them accessible, you must consider simple pullout drawers, which are great even for small modular wardrobes. The size depends, but you can always review the designs and number of drawers required, based on your storage needs. Pullout drawers can be used in many other ways, as well.

Sectioned pullout drawers

Have too many ties, belts and accessories? You need to check for pullout drawers that are further divided into tiny sections. Interior experts usually recommend at least one or two of such drawers for modular wardrobes, so that organizing stuff is easy and straightforward. You can keep everything in a way that the space is used more effectively.

Trouser holders

For the uninitiated, a trouser hold for the modular wardrobe offers scope to keep your trousers hanging in order. You can avoid creases on your trousers and will find all your trousers sorted together in a single area of the closet.

Shoe drawers

From standard racks for shoes to pullout drawers, there are various ways of organizing and storing shoes in your modular wardrobe. However, you definitely need space for shoes, because kept on an open rack, shoes can create visual clutter. Also, if you have enough space in the modular wardrobe, you don’t need to buy an extra shoe rack.

Laundry baskets

If the design permits, you can choose to get your laundry basket installed into the modular wardrobe, which can help in keeping the bedroom much more organized. You will find laundry baskets of all sizes and sizes, which can be stored away from plain sight. Talk to installation services to know how you can these baskets into the design, but should have the space for other things too, if need be.

Designing a modular wardrobe

The size of your modular wardrobe, especially the height and depth, must be considered in detail. At the least, go for a design that’s at least 8 feet in height and has a depth of 2 feet. If you want to add drawers, keep a check on the numbers, because you need space to hang your stuff and clothing too.

The budget also determines the number of accessories you can consider, but don’t shy away from seeking estimates. You can always work around the designs to find something that fits your storage needs and aesthetic considerations.

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