How Do I Know If My Window Is Bad?

Are you looking for signs to know that your window is bad? Do you want to know when it’s time for window replacement in your home? Are you worried about your energy efficiency, and want to know if your window is the cause? Do not worry too much; read this article further to recognize the signs that your window is damaged and needs a replacement.

  1. High Energy Bills

The first sign that your windows are most likely to be damaged is high energy bills. When there is a substantial rise in your energy bills, that indicates that you use more energy in your home. When that happens, it is traced to the HVAC more often than not, and it is faulty windows that are to blame.

  1. Difficult Window Operation

Check all the windows in your house one after the other. Open and close them to take note of those that are hard to operate. You should not use force or pressure to open or close your windows. If you do, then you should prepare for window replacement soon.

  1. Noticeable Damages

Your window is bad when it has signs of physical damage like decaying frames, damaged sashes, cracked glass, gaps or holes on the window, etc. Windows usually are prone to damage from exposure to the harsh elements. So, your windows may show these signs of physical deterioration or damage over time. You can test for drafts in your house by standing close to your window with a candle to detect drafts through candle flickers or movement of the smoke.

  1. Increased Noise Level

When the level of noise outdoor becomes higher, or you start to hear a car enter your street, which you used not to notice, that shows that your windows have lost their soundproofing quality. You need window replacement as soon as possible to avoid losing your peace completely to noise from outside.

  1. Condensation

If your windows become foggy and you cannot see through again, your windows have gone bad. Although not all condensation is bad, condensation inside the panes of your windows that refuse to clear off requires you to replace the windows soon.

Windows are essential to your home’s curb appeal and your comfort in the house. Window replacement is your best option when your windows have gone bad and cause you to lose money and peace. Go for window replacement today.

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