Microscopic that exist in almost all the houses and living spaces are a huge problem in terms of health complications. Some basic allergic symptoms caused by dust mites are asthma and allergies. Children are more prone to these complications. They feed on dead skin cells, making them one of the most common household allergens. The allergies triggered can exist for years on end. As the common saying goes, prevention is better that cure, with a few lifestyle adjustments and medications one can easily tackle this problem.

What are dust mites and some effective remedies to get rid of them.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that are the cause of several allergies. They are eight legged creatures , almost like microscopic spiders. A dust mite allergy is some cases is hard to identify even by a medical professional. But the treatment is easy and quick.

Some of the symptoms of dust mite allergy are as follows;

  1. itchy eyes
  2. a watery nose
  3. sneeze and coughing
  4. postnasal dip
  5. stuffiness

People who are asthma patients generally experience elevated asthmatic symptoms after a dust mite allergy. If it persists all year round it is a clear sign of a dust mite allergy.

There is some medical procedure that are used to identify this procedure:

  1. skin prick test or SPT
  2. Specific IgE Blood test

Get rid of the dust mite in your house with this pest elimination company

Allergies should not be taken lightly as they are totally fatal. Basic home remedies might temporarily take care of the problem but a through pest elimination should be done by experts. To eliminate dust mites[ฆ่า ไร ฝุ่น, which is the term in Thai] consult the kaercher company. Their service makes your house safe and free of pests very expertly decreasing the chances of health hazards for more information check their website.

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