6 Tips To Remove Pet Stains On Your Carpet And Floor

Having a pet has plenty of benefits. Most families treat their pets like their own kids. However, pets can also cause stains and odors in your home. You need to frequently practice proper carpet & tile cleaning, Cudahy, Wisconsin to make sure your family is safe and healthy.

Use eco-friendly ingredients

If you want to keep your family safe, stay away from harsh chemicals whose fumes could damage your lungs. These chemical cleaners might be strong and effective in removing stains and odors. However, their ingredients can also be toxic to your health. It’s dangerous especially if you have someone with allergic rhinitis or asthma at home.

Vinegar and grapeseed oil

If your tiles or hardwood floors are stained, you might want to try a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and grapeseed oil. Vinegar has antibacterial properties and is proven to be very effective in deodorizing, cleaning and removing stains from hardwood floors and tiles. You will find the same mixture effective in eliminating kitchen odors. Grapeseed oil is a natural ingredient which could remove not just the odor of vinegar, but also the odor of pet urine in your home.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also an effective abrasive ingredient that could help you remove stubborn stains from hardwood and tiled floors. Baking soda, especially when mixed with vinegar, can produce foam so you need to go easy on this ingredient. It’s potent though, making it easy for most pet owners to remove even oily stains from their floors.

Hydrogen peroxide

Almost anyone can find hydrogen peroxide in their homes. While this is milder than most chemicals, you still need to be careful in handling it, especially when mixed with baking soda or vinegar. Use this conservatively. This is effective in removing very stubborn stains on both wood floors and carpets, although too much might cause discoloration.

Removing carpets

Carpets can get extra dirty if you have pets at home. You won’t just worry about odors and waste. You also need to look into the insects (ticks and fleas) which could possibly inhabit your carpet floors. For carpets, it’s much better to hire carpet & tile cleaning, Cudahy, Wisconsin companies. Carpets need professional cleaning unless you have a proper vacuum cleaner that can perform wet and dry cleaning. Even with the right vacuum cleaner, you will have to use special chemicals once in a while to deep clean your carpets. Sometimes, it’s better to remove carpet panels, have them cleaned outside, and reinstall them once they are treated.

Answering to calls of nature

When you have pets, it’s necessary for you to take them outside to do their thing. Train them to answer the call of nature by going to the garden or only peeing and pooping in cat litter boxes. Of course, there will be accidents especially if you are taking care of very young or very old pets. In any case, the natural cleaning tips above should help you deal with these stain problems, at least in between professional deep carpet & tile cleaning, Cudahy, Wisconsin.

If you need professional carpet & tile cleaning, Cudahy, Wisconsin, contact us today at ERS. We will get your home or office back into its pristine condition.

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