4 Factors To Consider Before Installing Hardwood Floor

Flooring plays a crucial role in any home for an elegant look. A lot of flooring options reside in the market, and you can choose whatever you want according to your budget. But, what we suggest is pick something that can endure the test of time, as you can’t waste days and money renovating your floor regularly. And, who doesn’t know that hardwood is the best option when it comes to durability. Not only that, hardwood flooring options in Sydney can offer better appearance, easy maintenance, better acoustics, and whatnot. But to be sure that you are not mistaking anything before installation, here are some factors to check. In term of hardness and durability, a wooden flooring is only second to Ash Flooring which are specifcally designed for handling foot traffic.

The style of your home

When you do anything for your home, be it purchasing fixtures, painting walls, or renovating floors, style preferences should always be the first thing to notice. It will help decide the colours and the pattern for hardwood flooring in Sydney.Now, it all depends on what your likings are along with how the décor is around. You may like dark or light shades, and maybe a non-uniform colour variation on the top is your pick. For pattern, you can choose sturdy grains or uniform ones. But, before making any decision, make sure to contrast it with everything around in the room. For example, if the room contains white paint, choose the darkest shade of hardwood, and it will look ultra-amazing.

The sub-floor types/engineered or solid hardwood

Another essential consideration before hardwood installation is the type of subfloor. This factor will decide which hardwood flooringoption would be better, solid or engineered hardwood.

Now, if the room has a plywood subfloor, then both options are selectable. But, if it is concrete, then there are some things to keep in mind. If solid hardwood is what you want with a concrete subfloor, then you have to add installing a plywood subfloor at first. In the case of engineered hardwood, you won’t need such things, but it can be expensive, depending on the readiness of your concrete floor.

Amount of light entering the room

This point is the one that most people ignore easily before choosing hardwood flooring. But, let us tell you that it can enhance as well as ruin the overall ambience of a room. Suppose you have glass windows or doors in a particular space that allow natural lighting in a large amount. Now think of installing a light coloured hardwood there. It will give an extremely dull appearance, won’t it? That’s why to notice the lighting in your room and make a contrast of dark wood with extra lighted space, and light shade with space permitting less amount of natural light.

Foot traffic

Now, focus on the foot traffic. It is high or low depending upon the number of persons in the family or presence of kids in your home. Children have the habit of digging nails into the floor or making the floor dirty with anything they have. In that case, we would suggest a light colour and a stronger graining. It will make scratches less visible. Satin finishes can also deal with that, and they have the ability to hide footprints as well.

Coming to the expenses, we always talk about quality over anything. Don’t prefer cheap products as they can result in damage over a short period. Consult experts for better cost ideas before going for Sydney hardwood flooring.

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