How to Prepare Your Home to Be Painted

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If you’ve made the decision to hire professionals to paint your house, then congratulations. Working with professionals means investing in a top-quality paint job that promises to impress their clients and will go the distance to provide good service and retain the property’s amazing look. 

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Not only that, it usually works out a lot cheaper, on the whole, to bring in professionals compared to purchasing all the tools and materials needed to paint a house and doing it by yourself. But what is important is that unless the homeowner agreed with the professional or firm, it might be up to the property owner to make sure that their house is prepared correctly. 

Some companies will take care of the preparation in accordance with the client’s arrangement but there are still specific steps people need to take beforehand. For homeowners who are about to hire a professional to do the paint job on their property, here are some essential tips for painting preparation.

Wall hangings

First and foremost, it is an excellent idea to start out by removing hanging things off the wall that needs to be painted and put them in a safe and secure place. For obvious reasons, it is not as if professionals will be able to finish their job if there are still photos, mirrors, and other decorative pieces and bits all over the wall. That is why, instead of running around and trying to remove hanging pieces off the wall after the painters arrive, take them down before they arrive and make sure they are stored somewhere secure and safe.

Remove ornaments

The same also goes for free-standing decoration pieces or ornaments in the place. While there is always an option to cover these items and painting professionals will probably bring protective plastic sheets, it is still a good idea to move hanging ornaments as far as possible. Even if it is a case of moving these items into another room, for the time being, anything homeowners can do to reduce the likelihood of these items getting damaged or painted is a good thing.

Consider obstructions and access

It is imperative to remember that the easier it is for homeowners’ chosen professionals to get the work done, the faster and more efficiently the job will be done. Not only that, but easier and faster paint jobs can be a lot cheaper compared to those that are unnecessarily tough. For the benefit of both painting professionals and clients, it is an excellent idea to consider access and obstructions that could potentially get in the workers’ way. 

Take into considerations where the professionals will walk, where they need to position the tools and equipment, and where they will need to work. Move big items like furniture or appliance out of the way and keep the workspace free of obstruction as much as possible.

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How to Paint a Room - The Home Depot

Throw pillows, rugs, and curtains

Like what we have mentioned before, anything with a value that needs to be moved away from the work area should be immediately transferred before the team arrives. It includes any rugs, curtains, throw pillows, as well as soft furnishings that could potentially be destroyed or damaged by splashes. Professional painters know how to get the job done right with as little mess as possible, but as it is impossible to rule out accidents, it is better to be safe with the valuables than sorry.

Wall prep

Make sure to talk to the service provider before they visit the property when it comes to whether or not the homeowner will be expected to carry out the wall prep. Generally speaking, it is up to the property owner to make sure that the walls and surfaces have been cleaned and dried properly before the work starts. 

It is true, especially when it comes to the property exteriors, though it is also possible that the chosen team will offer external painting services as an optional extra. The same also goes for any type of deterioration or damage to the materials to be painted by the team. For instance, if the property has issues with rotten wood, pest infestation, or rusting metal, these will need to be adequately addressed before the paint job.

Clean the area

It is also an great idea to give the room a deep and full, clean painting preparation before the team applies the new paint. The reason for this is because the last thing homeowners want is to allow dirt and dust in the room to be blown in the air and settle on the surface of the newly-painted wall before it had a chance to dry.

Vacate the area

For the same reason mentioned above, make sure to plan in advance for the professionals and make sure that pets, kids, and other people are kept as far away from the work area as possible. It is not that they will necessarily be put in any type of danger by the professional – it is more likely to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Homeowners might even be able to plan for the work to be done and finished while no people are around the house.

Ask in advance

Lastly, make sure to talk with the team as far as possible to ask what you need to do to prep the work area. This way, you will know what to expect when the project starts, instead of facing the prospect of running around without a plan at the last minute.

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