Casement Windows or Sliding Windows – Replacement Windows in Portugal

REHAU Heritage Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Depending upon the opening you have for the window and the utility in the room, the PVC window shop in Cascais has a variety of windows to offer as an option for your replacement windows in Lisbon. Talking about 2 of the most used windows – casement windows and Sliding windows.

Casement windows, also called crank windows since they typically open and close by winding a crank around one way or another, are often vertical installations. Opening outward, pushed out from a set of hinges attached to the side of the window frame these are abettor choice for increased ventilation.

Sliding windows, as the term explains itself doesn’t open upward or outward instead slides sideways and are usually used on large wide walls to fill the space and provide great horizontal views.

Speaking about the pros and cons of both types of windows,

Pros of casement windows –

highly customizable and energy efficient since it seals tightly to the sash

provides wonderful ventilation and unobstructed views

easy to clean and tend to look more attractive when open

better secure as the lock is incorporated into the frame

Cons of Casement windows –

Regular maintenance of crank needed

might obstruct walking path as these open outwards and can cause a safety hazard

Pros of sliding windows –

Easier to open and simpler to maintain

Don’t obstruct any extra space

require lesser maintenance and is budget friendly

can be used anywhere to impart a clean traditional spacious look

easy to manage how much open space you wish for the breeze

Cons of sliding windows-

less energy efficient

Considering factors like safety, ventilation, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and the cost, Loja Das Janelas helps you choose replacement windows in Portugal and variety of glasses from the very trusted Saint  Gobain glass and Guardian glass for windows from a wide assortment of options and the team assists to fit the new ones into an existing window opening.

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