How to choose the perfect smart lock?

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Smart locks have really been a revolution when it comes to the way locks work. More and more people ditch traditional locks every day to swap them out with smart locks! But there are still a lot of people that are waiting to make the switch, people that don’t 100% know which smart locks they should go for! 

Now, this isn’t an isolated problem, there are simply too many types of smart locks available in the markets today and the abundance of choices makes it nearly impossible to figure out which one may be right for you if you don’t know exactly what you need! 

The good thing is, you’re not alone in this. In this post, we’ve created a guide that will go over everything you need to know about smart locks and how you can choose the right one for you! 

  1. How is it powered?

    One of the first things you need to get out of the way is how the smart lock is powered. A lot of smart locks are wired and need constant electricity to be able to work. While other smart locks are battery-powered. It’s better to invest in a good smart lock that comes with its own battery. That way, even if you have interrupted electricity flow to your home, you won’t have to worry about the power running out and you losing security to your home!
  2. Does it have two-factor authentication?

    Next up, is the level of security your locks will provide. You need your locks to be as secure as they can possibly be, and this will not come super cheap. It’s important that your locks have two-factor authentication so no one can hack into your lock and gain access to your home!
  3. Is it compatible with other smart devices?

    If you’re already using other smart devices like smart doorbells, you’d have a better time if your locks can communicate with them. Before you swipe your card, check if your smart devices will be compatible, if they’re not, try switching to another smart lock in the same price range. There’s always going to be a lock out there that’s going to match your devices perfectly! You just need to look for it properly!
  4. Does it have an auto-unlock feature?

    One of the best features smart locks have is that they can sense you approaching the home and automatically unlock for you! However, that’s not a feature each lock has. If that’s something you want in yours, you’re going to have to make sure that your lock has that before you buy it, because if you’re looking forward to it, it’s not going to be fun if you can’t have it!
  5. What’s the mode of unlocking?

    Next, you need to ask yourself the mode of unlocking you need. If you’re going to be using the lock for an office space, you’re going to need one that allows lots of people to go through, something like a code lock instead of a biometric is there’s a lot of staff. If you’re using it for home, you can play around with lots of different locks to see which one suits you best!
  6. Will it be compatible with your door?

Finally, and arguably the most important point is to pick a lock that’s actually compatible with your door. You need to ensure that the deadbolt will easily fit your door! If it doesn’t, or you simply can’t figure out which type of door you have and which type of smart lock will fit in it, it’s better to not resort to guesswork. Call a locksmith in Alabaster, or a locksmith in your local area to come and inspect your door. They’d be able to tell you which smart lock would fit in it and will even be able to install it for you! So you can use it immediately! 

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