7 Simple Tips for Cleaning an Apartment Before Moving In

We know how exciting it can be to move into your new home. Your very own personal space—what a joy it can be to personalize it right away and live in it!

How to Prepare for the Cleaning Person: 5 Helpful Tips

But op, hold your horses.

Moving in is quite the easy task and the last step in the process, but there are tons more items to be ticked off the list before we skip to that part. On top of it is cleaning the apartment before barging right in.

You must move into a clean home free of dust, grime, and dirt from the construction (if it’s a new one) or old age (if someone has lived in it before you).

Here are quick and simple tips that you can accomplish before settling into your new home.

Clean your way down

If there’s one thing we have learned from house cleaning services Austin, it is always to clean your way down. It only means to start by dusting the ceiling before cleaning the floor.

Make sure to include cleaning the top shelves before you go all the way down. It’s a logical system, especially when you realize that the dust and dirt you wipe away from the uppermost areas of the house will always find their way down the floor.

Once you’ve cleaned that part, it’s easier to collect the dust on the floor.

Work toward the door

Like the first tip, cleaning towards the door is another logical process on which part of the apartment you need to start when cleaning. You likely bring an extra layer of dirt to the succeeding rooms if you start by the door. Your house-cleaning shoes will most likely be the culprit.

Whereas starting at the innermost room of the house will move outward. Meaning, all the dirt that you’ve accumulated in that specific room will be carried out—no back and forth of cleaning shoes and materials.

Once you’re done with the area nearest to the door, you can go straight out to empty the waste bin without having to walk through again the areas that you have been cleaned.

Deep clean the closets

Once the closets are full of items, they will be harder to clean.

Deep clean before you start adding in your clothes or any valuable items you intend to keep clean for as long as they’re inside the closet. You don’t want to wear a pair of jeans full of dust. Or put on a grey shirt that was supposed to be white.

Start by dusting them off to ensure that all grains or dirt will be off before you scrub—if you deem it necessary. But for clothes drawers, especially for intimates, you must clean them with cleaning solutions for that extra safety. You don’t want to develop a bacterial infection just by wearing them.

Vacuum the carpets and mop the floors

If you’re moving into a newly built apartment, you might feel that you don’t need to mop the floors or clean your new carpet. But that should not be the case.

Make a conscious effort to vacuum the carpets and mop the floors starting from the farthest corner and towards the door. Allergens mostly cling to carpets, so be sure to have that one sorted before you enjoy your new home.

Deep clean your kitchen

Another area that needs deep cleaning is the kitchen. Whether you cook or not, it will be the most used in the house because this is where you prepare your meals. That said, you must make this a priority before settling in.

Cleaning your kitchen can mean many things, one of which is giving you that sense of calm and security when preparing your food. If you’re living alone or with your family, ensuring quality food items that won’t make you sick should be a principal responsibility. And where else does it start than the kitchen?

Disinfect the bathroom

The second most important part of the house that should always be clean is the bathroom. And that means even before you move in, you have to make sure that it’s clean.

There’s no judgment when it comes to your process. The only thing that we would advise you to be meticulous as possible. Remember, we’re talking about an area in the house that you will use daily. Besides, it’s only fitting to keep the bathroom divine because this is where we do most of our hygienic routines.

Don’t forget the windows

Just because you don’t walk over or notice them often doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Windows are a significant part of any house or apartment, and it needs some loving too.

Cleaning windows may be minimal, but it should be a part of your list. Depending on the need, you can dust them off or wipe them with heavy cleaning solutions. Every house needs a ray of sunshine, and it will only pass through a clean and clear window.

Besides, it might bring you good juju if you believe that clean windows can set you up for an abundance of blessings to enter your home.

The excitement to move in can hinder you from reasoning. So before you even rush to your apartment after getting the keys, keep in mind that cleaning it first will make the transition smooth and efficient.

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