Highlights On Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a waterproof and durable PVC floor covering. Vinyl flooring is also called vinyl tiles, vinyl-quartz tiles, vinyl laminate. It is called luxury vinyl tiles in Europe and America – Luxury Vinyl Tiles (abbreviated LVT) like the sustainable laminate floors. For many, vinyl flooring is associated exclusively with outdated PVC tiles, commonly installed in kitchens and public places. Such a floor quickly lost its original color, was erased, and cracked.

With the development of technology, all the disadvantages of vinyl tiles are far behind. It was possible to eliminate the problems thanks to a carefully thought-out design.

Vinyl Flooring – Texture

The advantages of vinyl flooring are due to their design. The structure of vinyl floors consists of several layers:

  • The top layer is made of transparent thermoplastic or film. Serves to protect against external influences, the influence of chemicals, moisture, falling sharp objects. The thicker it is, the higher the degree of wear resistance. The colorless coating on the surface prevents the formation of stains, protects against the penetration of dirt and dyes deep into the vinyl.
  • Decorative drawing. It accurately imitates natural materials, determines the color and texture of vinyl tiles. The decor is applied to a stencil machine—excellent quality print with crisp and natural marble or wood grain. To protect the design from the sun’s rays, it is covered with varnish or film.
  • Durable PVC floor base. Provides material strength. The composition can include fiberglass or quartz chips. To impart homogeneity to PVC, plasticizers are added. Due to quartz chips, vinyl acquires the required level of rigidity and flexibility.
  • Balance layer. Strengthens vinyl makes it resistant to deformation. The shell is made of fiberglass reinforced.
  • The bottom layer is PVC backing. It is required to stabilize the flooring. The elasticity of the support minimizes vibrations and bounces underfoot, ensuring quietness and no unpleasant sounds like kitchen top Thailand.
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